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community stewardship

Our most valuable asset is the people who make up our workforce, which is why we tirelessly invest time, effort, and resources in the site’s Safety and Environmental systems.

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Safety is our Highest Priority

Evonik’s Mobile site is equipped with a professionally trained 24/7 emergency response team and medical personnel. Thanks to continuous investments in the site’s safety systems and personnel, the site has achieved a 92% reduction in the rate of recordable injuries since 2006. 

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Long-Term Growth

Since beginning production in the 1970’s, Evonik’s Mobile site has continued to steadily grow. Our Mobile site provides over 1,100 full time and contractor positions, which in turn support over 5,800 jobs* in other sectors. The workforce at Evonik is very stable, with very low turnover and an average tenure of 13.5 years.

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Environmental Sustainability

Evonik knows how precious the coastal waterways are to the Mobile community and native wildlife. That's why we've added former EPA employees to our staff to help us better understand the local, state, and federal regulations that we are asked to meet. Their expertise will help us to maintain the natural beauty of the Mobile area.

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Supporting our Community

Evonik encourages a culture of generosity within the community, which is why our employees spend time giving back to the community we live in through scholarships for young students and other volunteer projects such as Evonik's own coastal cleanup and bowl-a-thon events, as well as the American Cancer Society® Breast Cancer Walk and Ronald McDonald House charity initiatives.

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What Do We Do?

Possibly without realizing it, you could be using several products made with Evonik technology every day. Evonik creates chemistry that makes airplanes lighter, paper whiter, and paints smoother. You can learn more about the products we make in your community by clicking here.

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Life in Mobile

In addition to its economic advantages, Evonik is happy to enjoy the many other features of the Gulf Coast community. From Mardi Gras to deep sea fishing, the Mobile area offers a superb quality of life. To find out more about economic and other benefits of the Mobile area, contact the Mobile Chamber of Commerce: 
David Rodgers

*According to the American Chemistry Council, every job in the chemical industry supports 6.8 jobs in related sectors.