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Evonik’s site in Mobile is a world-class chemical manufacturing facility.

In 1974, two Evonik predecessor companies independently chose to build production process plants at the current location. From small beginnings, strong growth has transformed the site into Evonik’s largest chemical manufacturing site in North America. 

Evonik is especially proud of its achievements in environmental, health, safety, security and quality (EHSSQ). Since 2006, the employees of Evonik have achieved a 92% reduction in Recordable Incident rates, as well as zero Recordable Incidents during 2016. Many of our production units have operated over 25 years without a Lost Time Accident.

Facts and figures only begin to describe the site’s capabilities. A talented workforce combined with an excellent community reputation positions Evonik as a key employer in the region, attracting talent from Alabama and surrounding states.

What Do We Do?

Possibly without realizing it, you could be using several products made with Evonik technology every day. Evonik creates chemistry that makes airplanes lighter, paper whiter, and paints smoother. You can learn more about the products we make in your community.

Meet your Evonik neighbors! Through Evonik’s #HumanChemistry and other outreach campaigns, you can get to know people like Josh Kersey and Allyson Ross that carry out the safe and professional chemical production in your community.

Josh Kersey, Operator

Josh joined Evonik in 2015 and studied Criminal Justice

Ayana Hollowell, Logistic, Quality & Operations Resource

Ayana works in Third Party Operations, managing warehouse and logistics operations, raw materials and finished product movements, as well as product testing and certifications for BASF at the Mobile site.

Ayana joined Evonik in 2006 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Master of Public Health