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New businesses locating at Evonik’s Mobile site benefit from the site’s menu of services and gain a competitive advantage by locating onsite.

Safety and Health

Evonik‘s Environmental, Safety, Health and Quality (ESHQ) group oversees programs that ensure the safety and health of employees. The ESHQ group ensures Evonik‘s high standards are met while adding value for employees and employer alike. The ESHQ group provides a full spectrum of compliance support including comprehensive site-wide programs in key areas such as emergency response, construction safety, and site security.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department at Evonik’s Mobile site is dedicated to attracting and maintaining a motivated workforce. Experienced with traditional and self-directed work team organizational structures, HR can help you design a model appropriate for your company’s needs.


Evonik is fully committed to strict compliance with environmental regulations. Our expert staff, combined with our consistent history of compliance, allow us to expedite the permitting process and ensure total compliance with all regulations. We are also dedicated to sustainable development and to the worldwide Responsible Care initiative of the chemical industry. The Environmental Department manages wastewater permitting, regulatory compliance, and solid waste management.

Medical Services

A fully-equipped and experienced emergency team provides 24/7 fire, HAZMAT, and medical response at the Evonik Mobile site. Evonik’s 24-hour staffing by registered nurses and medical technicians provides not only immediate on-site pre-hospital treatment, but also a full range of testing and screening capability using state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Predictive, Preventative, and Routine Maintenance

The Maintenance department maintains and repairs electrical and mechanical equipment, as well as complex computerized control systems. Multi-discipline engineers oversee the practice of predictive, preventive and routine maintenance. Maintenance recommendations, testing services, and data management round out the department’s capabilities.


Evonik has the experience and capability to provide efficient processing and delivery of products around the world. The Logistics department oversees order management, dangerous goods warehousing, and all site truck and rail operations. Logistics provides regulatory expertise to the site through compliance training and consulting. Interactive dashboards and online tools assist the plants with production and logistical planning.

Process Technology & Engineering

The in-house location of the PT&E staff allows for faster project completion and greater return on project investment. Our interdisciplinary teams made up of experienced engineers and university graduates bring together a full range of competent engineering services. Whether modern construction or economic performance optimization, our project teams support customers with competency and cost transparency all over the world.